Clive Owen Learns an Important Lesson from Ernest Hemingway – Your Communication Tip of the Day (maybe a Lifetime)

Martha Gellhorn (Nicole Kidman) and Ernest Hemingway (Clive Owen)

On NPR’s Morning Edition this week, the incomparable Susan Stamberg presented a look at the upcoming HBO movie, Hemingway & Gellhorn: Power Couple, Covering War (And Waging Their Own).  Among others, she interviewed Clive Owen, who plays Hemingway.  Here is the excerpt:

Preparing for the role, actor Clive Owen read all the Hemingway he could find.
“It’s so economical, it’s so concise,” he says. “He can, in just a few sentences, create whole worlds and whole relationships. It was such a lesson in sort of discipline and economy.”

Economical; concise…discipline; economy. 
Say what you have to say.  Say it with just a few sentences.  This is the communication tip of the day month year; make that the communication tip of a lifetime.

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