Synopses in Progress; A Progress Report – The Deficit Myth, White Fragility, The Employee Experience,. and more…

What I am reading …

I have a bunch of synopses to prepare in the coming weeks.  Two for the First Friday Book Synopsis, one for the Urban Engagement Book Club, one for the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, and one for a private climate.

Sometimes, when I am reading one book right after the other, it causes a touch of brain overload.

But, let me give a few thoughts about a few of my current reads…

Deficit Myth#1 — The Deficit Myth:  Modern Monetary Theory and How to Build a Better Economy by Stephanie Kelton.  This is my “business book” selection for the August 7 First Friday Book Synopsis.  Ms. Kelton is a leading economist, and this book is her explanation of Modern Monetary Theory.

Some are convinced that this entire theory is wrong, wrong-headed, and dangerous.  “Crazy” even.  But, if there ever was a time to at least become conversant in this theory, it is now.  Why?  Because in the book, she argues that when a country has its own sovereign currency, the government budget really is nothing like a household budget.  In other words, the government can “borrow” money because, in reality, it is not “borrowing” money.  And, during this pandemic moment, we are needing quite some infusion of government money.

I think you might find this book enlightening.  If you reject it out of hand – and many do – you will at least know what it is you are rejecting.

I am finding it fascinating reading.

#2 — White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin Diangelo.  This is my selection for the August 7 First Friday Book Synopsis dealing with racial justice issues.  This is the most talked about book on race during this racially tense time.  After the George Floyd murder, books on racial justice are flying off the shelves.  This book, written by a white author, primarily for a white audience, is very much worth reading.  And it’s the #1 best seller among the books dealing with this issue. (At this hour as I write this, it is the #6 overall best-selling book on the Amazon hourly list).

White FragilityThis book explains why white people have such difficulty talking about and dealing with issues of race; in the workplace, and in their personal lives.

#3 — For my private client, I have finished reading and am now preparing my synopsis of The Employee Experience Advantage: How to Win the War for Talent by Giving Employees the Workspaces they Want, the Tools they Need, and a Culture They Can Celebrate by Jacob Morgan.  This is a book that was not on my radar, and I found it quite compelling.  It argues that there are three elements that make for a superior employee experience:  The Physical Environment, the Technological Environment, and the Cultural Environment.  The author argues that mastering all three makes it possible for employees to have a good, productive, effective employee experience.  Maybe, think employee engagement, only much more.

In addition to these three, I have the two social justice books coming up soon.

In my life, I am always preparing the next book synopsis pretty much beginning the hour after I present the one I just finished.

So many books; so much to learn; so many areas to study; so little time…

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