Here is the May, 2020 list of best-selling business books from the New York Times – Atomic Habits by James Clear is again/still at #1

Once a month, on this blog, I post about the list of Best-Selling Business Books from the New York Times.  They update this list monthly.  And they include the top ten best-selling business books of the month.

Atomic HabitsThis list always includes some “older” books.  For example, this month, the #1 book, Atomic Habits, was published in 2018, the #4 book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, was published in 2011, and the #6 book, Outliers, was published in 2008.

This month’s list includes four books written by women authors.  This is a higher percentage than in most months.

And of the ten books, we have presented synopses of eight of the ten at our monthly First Firday Book Synopsis events in Dallas.  I presented five of the synopses; Atomic Habits; Dare to Lead; Outliers; Extreme Ownership; and Range; my former colleague, Karl Krayer, presented his synopses of Thinking, Fast and Slow and Grit; and a guest presenter, Ed Savage. presented Leadership.

Let me pause to make a personal observation.  This is the third month in a row for Atomic Habits to be at the top spot; and it was at #2 for both January and February.  This is quite a run.  But I think it makes sense.  We are feeling a little uncertain; like we’ve lost our center.  Maybe the need of this moment is to tackle our own manageable and controllable productivity.  Building good habits, removing bad habits, is at the heart of such concerns.  This may be survival-level focus in these difficult coronavirus days we face.

More observation:  there are others on the list that also make sense at this time.  Thinking, Fast and Slow is partially a book about learning how to think with our “slow” brains; to ponder longer-term implications.  And the Doris Kearns Goodwin book on Leadership is about presidential leadership; especially appropriate now.

Of the eight books we have presented, you would not go wrong reading any of them.  I am presenting my synopsis of Atomic Habits remotely to my second different business audience this week later today. I presented my synopsis of Extreme Ownership to a group of leaders in mid-size cities just recently.  And Range is the book I chose as the best business book of the year for 2019.  You might want to read my post: Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein is my Business Book of the Year for 2019 – (Loonshots by Safi Bahcall is runner-up).

All eight are worth your time!  They are good, useful, challenging books.

Extreme OwnershipHere is the May, 2020 New York Times list of best-selling business books.  Click here to visit the New York Times site for links to reviews of some of these books.

#1 – Atomic Habits by James Clear
#2 – Dare to Lead by Brené Brwon
#3 – Joy at Work by Marie Kondo and Scott Sondenshein
#4 – Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
#5 – Bad Blood by John Carreyrou
#6 – Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
#7 – Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
#8 – Grit by Angela Duckworth
#9 – Leadership by Doris Kearns Goodwin
#10 – Range by David Epstein


the book that we started with in 2019

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