Part #2 of The Year in Review from the First Friday Book Synopsis, 2019 – Including Reflections on Diversity in Book Authors

(Read Part #1 here – which includes a list of all the books presented in 2019).

there is always the right book to read next

there is always the right book to read next

For the 2019 First Friday Book Synopsis, I have presented synopses of 23 books, and one guest presented presented the 24th – 2 books a month, every month.  These are all either business books, or books of interest to business folks.  All of them are published by major publishers, and most of them are recently published.  (I did present a synopsis of NUTS!, written two decades ago, in honor of Herb Kelleher, the CEO of Southwest Airliens; selected to honor Herb after his death).  And, though not every book was a big best seller, we do present most of the best-selling business books at our events, with some exceptions.   These exceptions include:  we do not present many books that fall under the category of “finance” books, and there are a couple of other categories of business books that we generally do not feature.

Here is something that, alas, is not much of a surprise.  There is not enough diversity among authors of best-selling business books.  That lack of diversity includes gender diversity, ethnic diversity, and probably other kinds of diversity I’ve not yet identified from this year’s list.

That lack is seen in the few books authored by women.  And, though I do not google each author, I think there is also an especially noticeable lack of African American authors in this list.

{I have written earlier about the issue of needing more women authors among our selections.  See this blog post: Business Books by Women Authors – Some observations, and thoughts}.

For this year, for the 24 books presented, there were 17 male authors and 8 female authors.   (including a female co-author).  So, a better than 2 to one ratio.

I keep my eyes open for female authors for the books I select.  But, this is pretty representative:  among the ten books on this month’s New York Times list of best-selling business books, only one is authored by a woman, and one other is co-authored, with the woman as the “second author” to the better known Marc Benioff.  Click here to see my post on this month’s best sellers.

There are a few themes noticeable from this year:  leadership (always leadership), including an emphasis on honesty, candor, transparency, empathy…; innovation;  and a few books dealing with issues and challenges of personal growth and productivity.

In my next post for this Year in Review series, I will name my choice for “Book of the Year.”  This will be my selection made from the books I presented.


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