Are Podcasts the new Blogs?

Last evening, I was with a group of folks who have been guests on podcasts, and a couple of podcast hosts that hosted these guests.  One of the podcast hosts, Jeff Crilley – who also happens to own the studio – told me that podcasts are the new blogs.  He had good arguments, including “people have trouble actually writing blog posts.”  Yep.  Even me – and I kind of love writing blog posts.  So many things to do; so little time, and such dwindling intellectual space and emotional energy,  to do it all…

So, yes, I take this a little personally… I write on a blog.  But, as I thought about things, I realized that I don’t actually read many blogs.  I used to.  Not so much anymore.  I read news sites, a lot of twitter feeds, but not blogs.  Just a couple.

But, I also don’t really listen to many podcasts (except for a few NPR programs).  I don’t even listen to the podcasts that I have been a guest on.  I’ve been on a couple, and I am especially impressed with Valerie Sokolosky, who is top notch.  (My podcast interview with Valerie, youtube capture version, is here: click over and watch/listen).

But, this is what is sinking in.  We really are in an era of massive information overload.  Make that massssssive information overload.  There is too much to read, to listen to, to learn and absorb.

I applaud every dispenser of information, using every kind of information dispenser:  blog, podcast, short video, …you name it.

But personally, I really do find myself ever more drawn to books.  Yes, I make my living reading books and presenting synopses of them.  But, books provide deeper dives into more lasting content; at least they do for me.

What about you?  Where are you getting your information these days?  And, which information seems to stick with you the longest, making the most lasting impact?


2 thoughts on “Are Podcasts the new Blogs?

  1. Sarah

    Randy is a man of incredible talent. I am enjoying reading his blog posts. Exceptional writing style and very personable! I love this topic. I think both blogs and podcasts are wonderful forms of media- a blog can certinaly reinforce what a podcast discussion covers on a high level and may increase awareness about the blog and vice versa! I read blogs at night, I listen to podcasts in the morning on my way to work, sometimes after work as I do housework and want to listen to something to feel even more productive. Both blogs and podcasts are incorporated in my lifestyle for education and entertainment. Depending on the mood I love both but find myself listening to podcasts for a much longer period of time and has become habit and routine VS blogs do seem to be a shorter quick form of content for me to skim through! In terms of the podcasts are the “new blogs”, absolutely! Maybe not a replacement but perhaps could be for some content creators. A podcast has the ability to capture feeling and essence with sounds, voice inflections, tone patterns, pauses for dramatic effects, etc. It could be quicker to make a podcast recording to get a message across VS sitting and organizing a blog post. It’s definitely the new form of media that enhances subject matter and has the ability to hold listener attention for a longer time period from what I have found perhaps longer than a blog subject can cover. Very interested subject Randy and I look forward to keeping up with you!


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