Some Books We Are Considering For FFBS Presentation

We are frequently asked about what books we may be considering for upcoming presentation at the First Friday Book Synopsis at the Park City Club in Dallas.

Even this morning, I received several inquiries about certain book titles that we are examining.

Selections are always a work in progress, and we consider a number of factors very carefully in making our decision.  I can tell you that performance on major best-selling lists, author and publisher reputation, critical reviews, and references to the book in various social media outlets are important concerns.   We do not review or editorialize in our presentations, but we also do our best to select books that are genuine, informative, and useful.  Note that we do not present books on personal finance, although these are typically very strong performers on best-seller lists.  For example, Tony Robbins has one that has been a major hit for more than three months.

Please continue to follow our blog for updates and insight as we work toward our decision.  And, we are always happy to consider suggestions from our attendees.

The unfortunate factor is that we can only select 24 books a year, when that many good ones are published every month!

Here are a few that are under consideration at this time.  I bet you can’t read this list without wondering about at least a dozen!

Stay tuned.

VULGAR TONGUES by Max Decharne (Pegasus, 2017)

YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE I CAN TELL by Deborah Tannen (Ballantine, 2017)

THE VANISHING AMERICAN ADULT by Ben Sasse (St. Martin’s, 2017)

UNWANTED ADVANCES by Laura Kipnis (Harper, 2017)

SELLOUT by Victoria Bruce (Bloomsbury, 2017)

LANGUAGE AT THE SPEED OF SIGHT by Mark Seidenberg (Basic, 2017)

BLUE ON BLUE by Charles Campisi (Scribner, 2017)

WHEN CRIME PAYS by Milan Vaishnav (Yale, 2017)

THE AISLES HAVE EYES by Joseph Turow (Yale, 2017)

THE HAPPINESS EFFECT by Donna Freitas (Oxford, 2017)

DIVIDED WE STAND by Marjorie Spruill (Bloomsbury, 2017)

AGENT 110 by Scott Miller (Simon & Schuster, 2017)

THE COMPLACENT CLASS by Tyler Cowen (St. Martin’s, 2017)

BASIC INCOME by Philippe Van Parijs and Yannick Vanderborght  (Harvard, 2017)

MAKE YOUR BED by William H. McRaven (Grand Central, 2017)

HEMINGWAY DIDN’T SAY THAT by Garson O’Toole (Little A, 2017)

EYES ON THE STREET by Robert Kanigel (Knopf, 2016)

STREAMING, SHARING, STEALING by Michael Smith and Rahul Telang (MIT Press, 2016)

WORD BY WORD by Kory Stamper (Pantheon, 2017)

THE POWER OF MEANING by Emily Esfahani Smith (Crown, 2017)

IS IT ALL IN YOUR HEAD?  by Suzanne O’Sullivan (Other, 2017)


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